21 ways to mess up your date

Okay, you’ve spent countless hours in personal dating sites trying to hook up, begged your best friends to hook you up, or heaven forbid, you actually got lucky when you screwed up the courage to ask that hottie out. But will you screw it up? You will if you do any of the following…

  1. Arrive late for more than 30 minutes. You may have all the good reasons in the world. It still leaves a bad impression.
  2. Change your seating arrangement without consulting your date. Trying to show you are the man in control.
  3. Decide on the food item on the menu on her behalf without her permission. Be insensitive to her diet and eating habits.
  4. Tell her she eats like a pig which eats anything thrown to her.
  5. Looking at the waitress while she is talking to you. You may not need to turn your head; just roll your eyes to follow the waitress will do.
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  7. Finish your meal in 5 minutes and watching her eat for 30 minutes. Show that you are very hungry and can eat a lot.
  8. Leave evidence of your lunch leftover on your skirt while on a dinner date.
  9. Insist she must drink at least 5 bottles of Lambrini for you. Tell her that you wish to hear her tell the truth about you when she is high.
  10. Tell her she isn’t as sweet as the dessert in Tong Shui; or isn’t as hot as the Tom Yum soup there.
  11. Fall asleep in the movie. Just say her you are tired and do not wish to be disturbed.
  12. Seating somewhere else in the movie and leaving her alone. Tell her you happen to meet your best friend and you just want to check up with him.
  13. Do not offer to send her back even if she lives on the outskirts of town, it is already past 12 midnight and she tells you she just lost her pulse.
  14. Always cannot remember her name or worse still mixing her up with other girls you met in previous dates.
  15. Talk with your mouth full, and be as animated as you can with your hands while holding your fork and knife.
  16. Make 5 phone calls within 20 minutes during your date. Tell her it is your biggest client and your meal ticket depends on it.
  17. Praise her that she is fatter and bigger than your ex girlfriend.
  18. Invite her to your house immediately after the first date. Tell her your have a nice balcony with great view; a bottle of 100-year old wine and a bed enough for two.
  19. Answer her phone calls when she goes to the Ladies. If she sees you doing that and asks why; just tell her you are here to help getting her life organized.
  20. Talk about yourself and past accomplishment all the time. Talk about your family history in parallel with the history of the country. Spend at least 1 minute on each year, and you hit 41 minutes non-stop.
  21. Complain about your ex girlfriends’ bad habits. Warn her you better not see history repeating itself.
  22. Keep asking her if she is going to select you for the next round. Tell her that you and her are the best pair possible to win the Chemistry Challenge and look forward to spending time alone with her in the cabin of Star Cruises.
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