The benefits of a portable phone charger are many.  These devices make your wireless life even more wireless. Some of these chargers are as simple as a portable battery with wireless charging. Others are more specific, like the iPhone X wireless charger.  Tylt even offers a wireless phone charger that is built into a backpack.  Whichever wireless phone charger you use, it can only make your life easier.  Here are five reasons why:

  • Your Cat Will Not Chew a Wireless Phone Charger

Some cats cannot resist the urge to chew on wires.  If Kitty has destroyed all your previous phone chargers, a wireless charger is a solution to the problem.  The most your cat can do is rub its face on the side of the charger.

  • A Tabletop Wireless Phone Charger is a Conversation Piece

Cell phones used to attract attention 30 years ago, because so few people had them.  Now even elementary school kids have cell phones, but you can be the only person in the room with a wireless phone charger.

  • You Can Spend Less Time in the Car

All the time you used to spend in the car, charging your phone, you can now spend just about anywhere.

  • You Don’t Have to Worry About Wires Getting Tangled Up in Your Purse

Think of how annoying it is to disentangle your phone charger wire when you carry it in your purse.  You will not have that problem with a wireless charger.

  • You Can’t Use Phone Chargers as an Excuse Not to Leave the House on Time

With a wireless charger, you don’t have the excuse of hitting the snooze button to give your phone a few more minutes to charge.

A portable phone charger will make your life more functional and productive.