Friday night, the week is over, no more stress, there is the party, the big night out … the pull night.

what's a girl to do?Where could I possibly go I haven’t been yet? Hmmm… Roxy? Jo’s Bar? Clown and Bard? Akropolis… damn none of my friends is willing to go out tonight.

Maybe it will be just a quiet night; it was a rather stressful week after all. End up in The Globe, just wanna relax, and read for while, and then go home. Walk in and screen the situation.

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One cute boy in the corner otherwise not really good “material” in here.

I wanted to read, not pull! But now I gotta try my good luck, so I go and sit at the table he’s sharing with some other guy. After a while I figure out that I actually know the older guy; he insulted me and pissed off a long time ago in my work. So I start chatting and the cute guy gets involved in it too.

He’s American, sweet and he actually lives here! ! ! Feels like deja vu… Things are going fine, we decide to go to Akropolis. Now we flirt. We snog. It’s cool, gotta go now. Meet him next day, it’s pretty good, we end up at my place. He’s cute and I like him but the morning after a great night is crap.

Well things happen… good. I won’t see him again. Two days later I bumped into him again.

That’s something that happens only in Prague… and we end up again at my place, this time the night is crap and the morning is just simply ridiculous. Well, it didn’t go well this time, so I’ll just wait for next weekend with the loads of other Czech chicks, all taking part of the glory of Prague’s Internet dating scene

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