Talk to women

Every guy wants to be clever and charming when approaching a woman, but did you know how easy it actually is? Watch this video and find out from this guy…



The things one will say…

You’ve had a lousy day and decide to go to a bar. It’s time to ditch the usual freaks you hang out with and meet new, exciting freaks.

Perched on your Carnegies’s barstool or a fuzzy velvet Zouk couch, you order a drink when suddenly this creature takes the seat next to you. Smiling

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Sorry, but I don’t date outside my species

A couple of issues ago I wrote an article on pick-up lines, but there were only a couple of ways to reject or deal with rejection. You wouldn’t believe the amount of grief I have gotten from my girlfriends, many of who complained that when they go out to a bar, it’s to socialize, not to rut like pigs in heat (we HAVE our boys for that, thank you.)