Sensual Awareness?

Sensual Awareness

Pay attention to the senses and stimuli obtained from them and discover a whole new world of happiness.

Sensual awareness and sensuality certainly have nothing to do with self-gratification, immorality, or overindulgence. Our senses provide the information by which we base all of our intuitive thoughts, creativity, and desires, as well as our clear problem solving ability.

They help us to determine what is right and what is wrong for us far better than any holy book, psychologist, or pop culture. By becoming fully present in our sensual perceptions we become more sensitive to our passions, our inner compass, our personal truth, or what we call our core values, which are true and authentic and are not influenced by the values and judgments of others.


Hypnosis Treatment

Hypnosis treatment
Hypnosis treatment is usually the clinical application of hypnosis. Since very ancient times, people have used hypnosis techniques. But due to misuse or mistaken beliefs, hypnotism has been decried at times.