The how, who, why, when and where of love

The dreaded question for most any guy during the beginning stages of a new love relationship (and I’m sure, for women too) is “how many before me?” Have you thought about how many people you’ve been in love with before your current mate? How did you handle this question?


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Broken Heart Syndrome is real

When my uncle Spec passed away, his wife, my aunt Jenn, passed away not much longer after. We’ve all heard such stories, and passed it off as some romantic notion, but parakenesis, two organisms operating in tandem, can lead to an imbalance when one partner passes.

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Is your love healthy or toxic?

A lot of the world’s problems come about because so many have lost sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a human family.

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We have become so disconnected that in our search for "the one true love" we forget that all life is worthy of our love. We are like a person dying of thirst, who thinks not of swimming, but only of one precious drink of water.

Our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence

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Universal Love

Universal love is the simple result of the conjunction between the internal unitary numeration contacting the plane of synthesis with all of the configurations which spread themselves out on the exterior zones and which find themselves integrated in a program of reinsertion contacting the system of internal numeration before reaching the dimension of unitary synthesis.


My Road Less Travelled

hopeless romantic

Do not be mistaken, I am not some do-gooder looking for the ‘right side of Life.’ Nor am I an overzealous Mount Everest climber. I will also quick to disclaim any affiliation made with Yoda or Jesus – my revelations are not that profound to be proclaimed yet. Nor have I encountered any life-or-death situations, no striking of the lotto – none of that sort. So who am I, or what I am trying to say about myself at the least?