Shaking up her Chakras – Tantric techniques to turn her on

The methods below were recommended by experts in tantric sex, accupressure, and Oriental body work. To do the techniques properly, you need to know a few things. First, all the types of touch described below should be slow, soft, and gentle. Change the way you touch her every 30-60 seconds. Alternating sensations – from touching to kissing, lighter or harder touches – builds the sexual charge.

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Another tip: Look for areas which feel cool to the touch. When you softly stroke the spot until it warms up, you release energy that enhances her arousal. Eastern medical traditions define arousal as an increased energetic state with corresponding physical changes. By stimulating

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Do You Even Know What You Want?

knowing what you want?Have you every really thought about what you want? Some people know exactly. For others, the question is almost meaningless: They are adventurers who are so open that they hardly have any sexual preferences at all.

Today do fellatio. Tomorrow play with vibrators. Next week skip the sex and cuddle instead. If you’re one of these easygoing lovers, nearly everything is great sex. But for some of us, sex is hit-and-miss and we’re not sure what we want.

Some sex acts are much less physically arousing or don’t feel good at all. Each of us has a unique body that responds to sensation in an individual way.

That most couples enjoy missionary position intercourse is completely irrelevant if it makes you feel like your cervix is being pummeled or if the bend in your penis makes it impossibly uncomfortable.

Psychological factors also drive our sexual desires. Who can explain why wearing a Catwoman costume during sex makes you horny but having your breasts stroked bores you? It just does…