Rules of the Game

unrequitted love

When all other methods have been tried and failed, when the bullets are gone from the chambers, when the quivers are empty and the bows lie discarded on the smoking and desolate battlefield, the weakened soldier must choose to accept defeat on the terms of his enemy or to die fighting.

This is when guys ask you for a hug…


21 ways to mess up your date

21 ways to mess up your date

Okay, you’ve spent countless hours in personal dating sites trying to hook up, begged your best friends to hook you up, or heaven forbid, you actually got lucky when you screwed up the courage to ask that hottie out. But will you screw it up? You will if you do any of the following…


Battle of the Sexes

male and female libidos
“I mean, how would you feel if I were always bugging you for sex, sex, sex?!”

During my personal experiences with some of my relationships, I realised an important factor that a couple in any relationship might experience. The same issue reached my conclusion whilst talking with the people I’ve dealt with during in some of my private consultations. What am I talking about? I guess it is about time to state my intention!