Battle of the Sexes

male and female libidos
“I mean, how would you feel if I were always bugging you for sex, sex, sex?!”

During my personal experiences with some of my relationships, I realised an important factor that a couple in any relationship might experience. The same issue reached my conclusion whilst talking with the people I’ve dealt with during in some of my private consultations. What am I talking about? I guess it is about time to state my intention!


Why Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is many things to different people- a chance to start new relationships, rekindle old ones and chocolate has long been a favourite gift for lovers. Since the days of the Aztecs, chocolate has been used as a gift. A box of luxurious chocolate can say “congratulations”, “I am sorry” or “get well soon”. On Valentine’s Day, it clearly screams “I LOVE YOU!” It fills not only your belly but also makes you feel great…