Articles from her point of view…One question that gets asked a lot when thinking about relationships is; “are all female relationships emotional?” And do they have to be? We know with the arrival of the Alpha Woman as the norm in the workplace, the business world has changed the way the genders relate to work and at work. No longer is it unusual to find stay at home husbands and bring home the bacon wives, but at the end of the day, a woman wants to be a woman… with the full range of life enriching aspects; best friends, family, flirting, having an active sex life and the potential to be fulfilled.Here in Think Relationships, we explore the issues from both sides, and in this section of Think Relationships, you'll find her views… enjoy!


Rules of the Game

unrequitted love

When all other methods have been tried and failed, when the bullets are gone from the chambers, when the quivers are empty and the bows lie discarded on the smoking and desolate battlefield, the weakened soldier must choose to accept defeat on the terms of his enemy or to die fighting.

This is when guys ask you for a hug…