Oddly enough

A Saturday night not very long ago. I went out for an evening in Hillcrest with my friend Sheri. She and I work together; we like each other but don’t yet know each other that well. So this was sort of a move in that direction, getting to be better friends.

We got a sidewalk table at A Taste of Thai on University Avenue, beautiful day close to sunset, good cooking smells. We tucked into our food and conversation with equal enthusiasm.

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"This is such a cool town," I told her. "Last fall when I shaved my hair off, I was a spectacle everywhere

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On Balaton


On Balaton

It was a place called Balaton,

where first I looked, and gazed upon

a gently rippled, land-bound sea,

A beauty there glanced back at me.

The wanderer I am was calm,

my nomad heart was given balm.

As glasses filled with sweet Tokaji,

I grew in knowledge, and my eye

was drawn to her, that gentle grace,

a luscious curve, a sun-kissed face.