Every parent knows that their little ones aren’t going to be kids forever, so we should take every opportunity we have to spend quality time with them. Kids get loads of school holidays, but unfortunately for us adults we get precious little time off.

The best type of holiday with your kids are those that you can do something fun, spend lots of time together and create some special memories. One of the best ways to do this in the UK is by going on fishing holidays in Cornwall – it’s a huge hit with my family and many friends have followed suit, their kids loved it too.

Here are some reasons why a fishing holiday with the kids is a great idea:

Keeps them away from the screens (for a while)

Have you ever noticed that your kids always seem to have their eyes glued to some form of technology. I am not saying technology is bad, because it does have many great uses but it can make kids lose the connection to those they are closest to. When you go fishing they have no choice but to be disconnected from technology because you’ve got to be active, it also teaches them that they don’t need their phone or tablet to have a great time. Showing them a new hobby, which is great fun, might lead to a long lasting passion that they enjoy for many years to come.

Have Long Conversations

Sometimes, but not always, kids don’t like having to chat to their parents for hours on end. When you go on a fishing holiday this changes, that’s down to the activity you’re doing. You will find yourself having plenty of unforced long conversations with your children while you’re out fishing. There are so many conversation starters out there when your sat by the river or lake, and you can then easily bring up other topics to find out about more in depth things that may be happening in their lives.

When we go on fishing holidays in Cornwall we always stay at Perran Springs, they’ve got some great fishing spots and it’s fun for all the family. Here are the details, make sure you book your next trip there soon.

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