It’s not what you know or who you know, but what you know about who you know…

friendster frenzy

It was an unstoppable craze. It started like wild fires in Indonesia, the mutated influenza strand from China and publicized trash from bloggers internationally.

We rate one another by the number of friends you managed to get into Friendster, and those with very good pictures rank supreme. I don’t know how I got started. This, out-of-the-blue friend sends an email, requesting me to join a network. It promises more friends and ‘world-wide coverage’.

Sounds pretty intriguing I concluded, and followed the few simple steps of registration. Little did I know that I have been sucked into a world of ‘Hi, can I be your friend?’ and ‘Nice pic! Add me!’. Private messages started flying all over the place and soon enough I am hooked. During unproductive days in the office, I’ll be screening messages and explore pictures amongst pictures of please-add-me faces.

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Shamefully, I did my share of you-just-gotta-add-me pictures. It was the best that I can afford and I am constantly trying my best to load bigger, better ones. To date, a hundred friend seems pretty much but those that I really keep in touch, was in no way beyond my humanly fingers.

So, what’s in for all these? I don’t really know. A friend of mine deem it as the most successful networking tool, a highly evolved form of propaganda of both discreet and non discreet method of communication between people and all the wonders it brings, which I totally beg to defer.

There are some very shocking profiles and pictures which I think I should not mention and embarrassing introduction which I closed the browser immediately. I am trying my best not to condemn and appreciate the effort that these individuals have put up. From super sweetie pies to sex goddess, open marriages (whatever that means) to just helping out, these are Friendster jargons, you have to join in to understand the very profound lingo that we are using. Least forgetting to write a testi (testimonial) for a friend!

Perhaps my friend is right, after all, I know him from Friendster. What a strange way to know somebody, needless to say, his picture did made me glance more than once. I am still trying to figure out the usefulness of this website. Apart from the bulletin post, which sometimes you find great jokes and fun parties, I see nothing that catches my eye. Yet I am so tempted to surf it everyday for a chance to add one more friend.

I have had all my MSN friend’s email addresses keyed into the people search, in hopes that I can find them and you will be surprised. The most unexpected person can just sign up; I’m waiting for my dad to appear.

Testimonies are also a must. You write one for a friend, expecting them to return the flavors but of course, you may delete something which is not to your liking. Somehow, I see this as screened personal ads. We are all trying to sell ourselves in anticipation for others to add us. How sleazy is that?

Nonetheless, my friend might just be right; Friendster is definitely here to stay.

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