Love and Freedom

Over the fence again. Don’t forget the blankets! Help her over. Great, perfect, no-time-to-kiss escape fills me with exultation. Voices. Run. Jennifer. We’re not there (where?) yet!

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Rocks tumble-plop-dropping onto 163. Seeming also to seek their freedom (to be crushed?) and helping other gravelite prisoners to liberation (misfortune?). Crumble, erode, embed, dislodge, tumble, and crumble,

Time to kiss now. Highway 8 fills our eyes with lights, noses with the scent of cooling asphalt, scrub-brush and exhaust (-ion?), then each other.

Quick-drawn, adrenaline-laced, sweet perspiration mingles with oil-soaked dirt. Government issue wooly blankets. Spread them out now, [I found a place. Jennifer! Its got a view of the valley, and it’s so private (hidden?)] No need to be dirty (guilty?). Kiss again. Cloths (defenses?) fall away, life returning now. No more voices, group activities (faux-orgies). Just you (me too?). Just me.

Tender, rough, teen lover, solace of my wounds, (not my heart?) beauty of my life (freedom) loves you loved you loving you now, then (when?), forever (once?). Falling plop-drop-tumble-mumble, those things (words) you said, meant, sang (felt?), oh, but you can! You can! There is no can’t here (?)! Yes I can, too! I (feel-know-show)love you.

Disentangle legs, arms, blankets (hearts?); time to go "home". Breakfast at Hillcrest Receiving (Deceiving) Home soon. We’ll (escape) do this again. I promise (hope). I can’t do without your (this) love (freedom). Nor (neither) can (should) I (we) yours (forget).

I love (free) you.

This prose originally appeared in Clue?, Illustration by Michael Christian.
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