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Visiting Antarctica is a travel destination like no other, you are probably even wondering how to get to Antarctica and the answer is by cruise ship all the way from the bottom part of South America. It truly is a place to enjoy the wonders of mother nature and it is the most unlikely holiday destination, but also one of the most incredible. I wanted to write a little bit more about how it looks and feels to be in Antarctica, I hope you enjoy reading.


The wildlife has to be one of the greatest things about Antarctica, especially when you think about the fact that it is one of the most isolated places on earth is that. The wildlife comes here every summer and it is the perfect time to see all of it. You can see so many different things like a huge number of different birds (including our favourite penguins), whales and seals. It’s really amazing to see the miracle of life when the penguins breed and their young come out to play around February or to see the whales playing in the Antarctic waters during March.

What tourists?

One thing that everyone hates about any holiday is the fact that just like you everyone is there to see the sights and that means that there are many tourists in one place that are trying to fight for the best view of the attraction. In Antarctica you are going to get an unobscured view of everything and you don’t even need to fight with all the other tourists. In fact many would be tourists probably don’t even know how to get to Antarctica! This is the best feeling in the world and you never have to feel stressed or pressured to move along!


This may not sound like the most attractive activity when it comes to a holiday in an extremely cold place, but this is something that you probably don’t get the chance to do. You should take every opportunity you can get in Antarctica and the fact is that not many people can say that they have been swimming in Antarctica.


A trip to Antarctica wouldn’t be complete without an ice cold drink on the last continent on earth. You can bring something special and of course it will be the most unique drink you will ever have. You can even cool it right down with the ice from outside!

Navigating the icebergs

There is nothing better than getting down to sea level and seeing everything from the very bottom. Cruise ships are great for seeing things, but you really get a sense for how big things really are when you are in a zodiac boat and you are cruising around the icebergs. This is one of the experiences that I really enjoyed whilst being in Antarctica. It is truly incredible to see these amazing natural formations, they are so incredibly big that you can’t even imagine.


Antarctica is the land of glaciers and although there are others around the world, these are the king when it comes to icebergs. These huge fields of ice are just some of the most incredible sights that you could see in your lifetime and are one of my highlights of visiting Antarctica.