You’ve tried Friendster, Facebook, Hi-5, and more. Can true love be found on the telephone? Darren Ho investigates…

1900 chat line love Singapore

You might have noticed that this issue of Lovers and Thinkers is a lot about goods and bads. Bad taste, bad pickup lines, good comebacks, good fashion, So we’ve decided to take a look at one more tacky thing, and what kind of good might possible come out of it. 1900-numbers.

I’m talking about the ones which aren’t for NKF charity (though we all know now where that money went, huh?). I’m talking about the ones which are more closely associated with 900-numbers in the U.S.

Chatlines are a common feature in today’s dating scene, believe it or not. We went under cover, so to speak, and found that the women we met there were really looking to meet guys, and since they’ve actually gone to the chatlines on their own initiative, you know they’re serious about meeting up.

One young woman we spoke with, Lisa, told us “…because girls in Singapore are supposed to be so prim and proper, we can’t even properly flirt in our online networks, because word will get around that we are flirty. Good heavens if my family found out I was flirting with boys online! But with the chat lines, I’m in control, and the users are more aware of what the terms are. I find that talking gives me more insight to the guy’s personality, and its more comfortable that way when we do hook up.”

Seriously speaking, it’s just one more mode of communication isn’t it? If you’ve got no qualms about putting your face on Friendster and meeting new people there, what’s the big difference with doing it over the phone?

“But on the telephone line I am anyone, I am anything I want to be. I could be a super model or Norman Mailer And you wouldn’t know the difference Or would you?” said one guy who asked to remain unnamed.

Savage Garden’s lyrics come instantly to mind. That’s the bonus of talking to someone or meeting someone from a chatline isn’t it? And also the detriment. You can claim to be anybody, and what you choose to reveal is what your phone buddy’s gonna get. Some people might say it’s dangerous, who knows what person he really is.

But I think that the risk is to some extent part of the excitement and thrill. And nobody says that you have to ever meet right? You can just talk. And that means you can just indulge in whatever you want.

Furthermore, these chatline ads often look kind of racy don’t they? Some girl in some skimpy outfit on the phone, and some happy dude talking. Do you really think the girl’s gonna be wearing a bikini when talking to you? I guess one can only hope. And create your own visual of that person.

This is why people go onto chatlines, IRC. You become an anonymous face, unknown to all but yourself. Nobody knows if you’re twelve or twenty, and even better, nobody cares! I’m all for meeting new people, but here’s some suggestions Think has for you if you plan to join the 1900-rat-race.

  1. Make sure your first meeting is in a group, with at least some people you know. Simply cos you can disappear, or take off with friends if you’re uncomfortable.
  2. If you’re going out with someone from the chatline, make sure someone knows where you are, and can reach you. At least you can be traced.
  3. Don’t assume everything the person says is true. You might be honest; the other person might not.
  4. Make sure you have some common understanding of where the day is going.
  5. Always make sure the person you go out with has at least two out of three: money, looks or personality.

So, make your own fake personality and start calling! Who knows, you might meet someone to really hang out with, Stranger things have happened. And always remember the old adage: Be safe, not sorry. Heh.

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