I’m often privy to female sexual fantasy confessions in my job as a relationship coach…

1900 fantasy phone chat lines in singapore

Although men and women may share elements of their sexual fantasies, there are also marked differences. Women are more easily mentally stimulated, while men are generally more visually aroused.

But what about singles who find themselves in between relationships? Do they stop fantasizing? Heck no!

But everyone needs an outlet, which is why 1900 Chat lines are so popular these days. Chat lines are a place where you can have the most incredible sexual thoughts without feeling any guilt. You can imagine things that you would never do in real life and your pleasure is only limited by your imagination.

Women enjoy imagining themselves as someone who is desired for their sexuality, for example a stripper or a lap dancer. They often vividly imagine themselves being dressed in sexy black lace lingerie and high heels. The best part is the thought of being able to turn men on and be in control of their rising excitement. Which explains of course why so many women use chat lines, despite the popular representations.

calling chatlines in singaporeOne of the most imaginative fantasies I heard involved a woman pretending that she had been captured by pirates. While his men watched, the pirate captain removed his sword, and with the very tip of it, sliced off her thin dress.

The dress fell away to reveal that she was naked underneath. The men on the ship were all crazy with lust at the sight of her, and fought over who would have her first.

My client (a rather conservative looking sales associate) confessed that she was turned on by the thought of these rough, strong men desiring her body.

Another of my clients recently told me that it is hard for her to admit that she gets turned on by imagining herself being forced into sex. She developed a female sexual fantasy that her boyfriend was a burglar who broke into her apartment. In her fantasy she had to have sex with him so he would not kill her. In the fantasy, he said and did all kinds of dirty things to her.

In therapy she gained insight into the fact that imagining ‘forced’ sex did not mean she really wanted to be sexually assaulted. At a deeper level it had to do with finding it erotic not to be in control. Another recurring theme in female sexual fantasy confessions is being sacrificed to some ancient deity or handed over as payment in a deal. This is about being turned on by the idea of being dominated and treated as a sex object.

Fantasy brings another dimension to your sexual being by compensating for stimuli that are absent in real life. It can also pave the way for some exciting role-playing experiences. Talking about your fantasies brings your deeper sexual desires to your front of mind, allowing you insight into what turns you on and why. It helps build confidence in talking with women (and men) that can benefit you in real life.

The most fascinating thing about fantasy phone chatting, is that it’s a wonderful tool for releasing hidden desires. Many callers will never admit what it is that they are hoping to experience. It is a terrifying feeling to know that you want something that you consider ‘abnormal’ or ‘freakish’.

Men are conditioned into being straight manly men, powerful and strong.Not everyone can be that way all of the time, everyone has both strong and weak sides, masculine and feminine desires. Through fantasy, the repressed desires can be brought to the front and enjoyed. Through phone chat, the caller can remain anonymous and safe and enjoy themselves.

Some callers are experimenting for the first time, others seem to call over and over with the exact same request, never tiring of it. This isn’t healthy. Moderation is the key. To get the most out of your phone chat, I recommend the following preparations.

  • Set aside at least half an hour of private time. 45 minutes is ideal, but half an hour is plenty of time to experience a good chat.
  • Prepare a comfortable place to call from. Some people prefer a quiet bedroom, others a comfortable easy chair. It is important to remove possible distractions. It’s nice to be able to focus on the voice at the other end of the line.
  • Make sure you telephone batteries are fully charged. Losing the connection part way through is extremely disappointing.
  • Choose a chat line that you are comfortable with and call. Find out what she is into and let her know as best you can what you are hoping to experience.

Most importantly, be careful not to get scammed by fly-by-night chat lines. There are one or two quality services in Singapore, the best being mFusion, so why not call 1900 912 5818 and discover just how powerful your fantasies can be?

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