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I married a Race Queen I met on a chat line…

I was so sick of women in the bars. Being home alone sucks. You know the saying that “there are other fish in the sea?” Well, I was thousands of miles away from the sea, lost.  I was feeling so lonely I rang up a chat line ad I saw in one of those free magazines. I ended up spending over $1,500 talking to this one girl… and now I’ve married her!

I only called because I was heartbroken after my girlfriend ran off with my best mate. But there was something about the silky-voiced girl who answered the chat line, something that kept me ringing… and ringing.

It cost me more than $1,500, but I’m glad to say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent; now I’m married to Clara, the girl at the other end of the line! I can’t believe I met the girl of my dreams on a chat-line, but I do know I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

1900 chat line singapore dominationClara is the same age as me, and had only been in the job a short time when I started ringing in October – and became her best client.

She only took the job because she was desperate for the money, she’s actually a model and Race Queen, but here in Singapore it’s not as busy as in Japan.

I know there’s the stereotype that chat line girls are ugly women in their dirty HDBs, but after meeting Clara’s friends, her fellow Race Queens, who also work on the chat line for extra money, I have to say “Ugly? Far from it!”, so I don’t know where that stereotype is coming from!

For Clara, talking sexy to the guys didn’t come naturally. She told me that when I phoned, she knew straight away that I was different. As she says, “Most of the men just wanted to talk sex, but your were polite and kind and asked how I was. I liked you straight off.”

Instead of exchanging smutty remarks, we talked about films, music and food, for up to two hours a day. Then, after dozens of calls, I plucked up the courage to ask her on a date.

We went for a pizza at Sentosa, and as soon as I saw her I thought ‘wow’. We got on even better in person than we did over the phone. I can see why she’s a race queen, she’s beautiful and smart and she knew everything about my Nissan, things I didn’t even know! Clara said that she had started to fall for me over the phone, but when we met, she fancied me right away and after our first date, couldn’t wait to see me again.

She gave me her mobile number and told me not to phone the sex-line again. We quickly became inseparable and I proposed in April. We got married in July and I couldn’t be happier. Clara has since left the chat line job to pursue a career in sales, but she still models, recently landing a fashion shoot for a Malaysian magazine. And with Formula 1 in town, she’s been picking up lots of work as a Race Queen.

Phoning that chat line was the best thing I ever did. I ran up a huge bill, but it was worth every penny.

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