Ever since our cave-ancestors started listening to their libidos, men have initiated relationships. Men have also complained relentlessly about their courting responsibilities. Women, too, found faults in this suffocating tradition as they were relegated to waiting for the male to make his move. Thus, the sexual revolution was born, and we, as its heirs, are now free to ask each other out as we please.

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However, sometimes, it seems as though we have taken two steps back instead of one step forward. Now that women have some of the freedom that men have, we have to deal with the courting pitfalls as well.
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Until recently, women have never had to deal with playing hard-to-get, the ubiquitous mind games, but, worst of all, rejection. Being rejected by someone you fancy is tough, no two ways about it. Guys, though, have been slow to catch on to many time-honored female tricks.

If you are approached by a hungry hippo and you can’t reciprocate her love, say so. Making excuses like not being ready for a relationship, not having enough time, or that you are getting over someone is downright mean.

While many of these excuses may be true for some, they are classic examples of beating around the bush. Not only are you insulting her intelligence, but it won’t make her feel better when she sees you lip-locked with someone else the next day. If a person is strong enough to confess her undying love, more often than not, she can handle rejection.

Another common post-rejection event that females have become familiar with is the can-we-still-be-friends shtick. Whether the guy or the girl makes the plea, the rejectee is often ignored. The guy may feel that he is helping the girl by giving her time to heal.

True, this may help at first, but no one likes being ignored. It’s as if the guy feels that the slightest move will lead her on. However, a girl understands the word “no” and may sincerely desire your friendship. Honour her assertiveness, instead of buying that one-way ticket to the land of immaturity.

So, boys, although women may get bitter and out of line, it’s just because we’re learning the rules of the game, too. When it all boils down, though, relationships are just a massive game of hide and go seek, and should be treated as learning experiences. Like with any other game, practice makes perfect, so the next you get dissed, smile, count to ten and get on with the game.

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