driving politeness

Sometimes, how we relate goes beyond the animate…

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Dear Silver Mercedes C280 in front of me on Oak Street,

I’m sorry, but this relationship simply isn’t working for me. Among other things, relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding, and frankly I don’t see those qualities in you. I respected your right-of-way when you entered the same lane in front of me on Oak Street from Masonic, but with that right-of-way comes certain responsibilities. Surely you’ve been down this road before, Mercedes. Surely you must appreciate the synchronized traffic signals that allow us to glide through town unfettered by the block-by-block stop-and-go of our freewayless city.

Yet still you seem oblivious to the appropriate rate of speed necessary to keep pace with the synchronization. Do you not recognize all the other car-on-car relationships around you? They all seem to understand how this whole thing works. Don’t think I can’t see you sipping your latte up there, and is that the New York Times folded against your steering wheel?

I have needs, Mercedes – needs you seem in no rush to fulfill.

So help me, if one of these lights turns red before we reach it, I’m not forgetting it any time soon. Have you any idea how embarrassed and frustrated I am when the other traffic on our little thoroughfare see how you’re holding me back? I’ll tell you right now, I know what lies in my future – Octavia Boulevard, the Central Skyway and eventually I-80 East to the 4th Street exit. Frankly, I just don’t know that you have what it takes to be in front of me through that.

So let’s be adults about this. I need this lane for the upcoming turn, so please just quietly change lanes or turn on to a side street, and let’s put this all behind us. Don’t make me honk.

Regretfully, The Volvo XC70 behind you

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