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The path of love is wrought with thorns and heart rending pain. Finding true love is never easy. Eons seem to pass by without an end to the search. In today’s fast paced erratic life, people no longer have time or the inclination to mingle and socialize with members of the opposite sex. This is where adult chat lines come into the picture, an ideal option for busy young professionals.

Over the years, online dating industry has witnessed exponent growth. It is considered as a universal matchmaking tool with the potential to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and geographic distribution. Many men find it difficult to interact with beautiful girls face to face, with the onset of dating portals, single, shy men have a better opportunity to meet link minded interesting women online.

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The modern day internet dating singles will invariably encounter the modern communication medium of text messaging and it will become a variable in your segueing successfully to that all important… First Date!

Phone Dating Tip #1: What Is She Expecting?

What social expectation does your prospective date have when you get her phone number from a modern single woman?

I’m not saying that text-ing is this brand new cultural singles communication phenomena. Of course text messaging communication has been around for awhile. However, there really do get to be some generational differences about how single men and women view using texting to navigate to the First Date.

Phone Dating Tip #2: You Messaged First Right?

If you two singles have met online at an online matchmaking site, then you two very likely exchanged at least a few messages using the dating site’s web email feature where you two had the benefit of all those safety features.

So by the time the two of you exchanged phone numbers, you two had in all likelihood already established that you both were interested in meeting for a first date and may very well have agreed to a first date.

Phone for Singles Guys Tip #3: You Did the Singles Online Dating Phone Number Exchange Now What?

Well now that the single man has his PD (Prospect Date)’s cell phone number what are the two of you expecting each other to do?

Phone Dating for Men Tip #4: Internet Dating Singles Expecting a Date

The single woman gave you her phone number because you asked for her cell number when you said you wanted to ask her out on a date. Why is she waiting for this? So the single lady is now expecting you to phone her and ask her out on a date.

Dating Expert Help Tip #5: You Are Not Pen Pals

Because that’s what you do at an online dating site where the "What I’m Interested In" category didn’t just say "Pen Pals Desired."

If you two had wanted pen pals, there are connecting websites dedicated just to that. Take it from a Dating Expert, when you are at a singles online dating site, then what the two of you are seeking and looking for are actual dates and meeting each other.

Happy Dating and Relationships!

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