Universal love is the simple result of the conjunction between the internal unitary numeration contacting the plane of synthesis with all of the configurations which spread themselves out on the exterior zones and which find themselves integrated in a program of reinsertion contacting the system of internal numeration before reaching the dimension of unitary synthesis.

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He who returns to this current of multidimensional transfer may feel a type of supra-personal impulse because the unitary consciousness intervenes in all the systems which are likely to be reintegrated.

From the moment one raises to a level where one can be in correlation with other systems which are themselves elevated enough to be able to be reintegrated in the beam of unitary numeration attuned with the circuit of synthesis, one finds oneself again in the current of universal love.

It is a current of reinsertion of the exteriorized systems towards a dimension of unification by the fact that they have reached the level of subtlety which allows the response to the reinsertion to be distributed onto the bodies and figures whose level of evolution allows for the reintegration inside a signal of Sumerian reunification integrated up until the dimensions of Sumerian essence attuned with the circuit of synthesis.

When you have networks of power that gather themselves around a signal, and there is a reintegration of these refined systems, then you find yourself in the current of a transcendental and superior love, passing completely over the plane of mere inter-individual relationships. He who reaches this level then knows what it is to experience the universal love…

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