Mr and Mrs Booze, The Begging…

We have all experienced something like it or close to it, a love affair.

And this all happpened in the most romantic city in world, Prague, or so it seems, especially when you have had a few of the local beverages. I met her seven years, seven months and seven weeks ago. She looked her most beautiful then, so beautiful, l didn’t think l had a chance.

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Even through the noise and the silence, and all the smoke and ash, alcohol and fumes, l knew she was the one for me and l must have her. She always looked her best, always looked her most beautiful when she was high on booze.

I’d seen her before, but never before had this need over come me, maybe it was the superior whiskey or the French cigarettes some drunk student had left behind after drinking and writing some wailing love poetry, but l was in love.

I on the other hand saw things in a completely different light, same place, same electricity but from a feline perspective, the opposite sex, the other side. I saw him sitting in the same place with the same friends. Talking like they’d discover some new drug or way of being, that could save the world, if not themselves, not that l could hear them but it looked that way and sometimes walking past, l heard a few louder words.

Somehow tonight things looked different, he looked so good, so alive, vital energy was pouring out of his every paw. It was like l could not see or think about anybody else. Sure, my dog was somewhere but l had not seen it for a couple of hours so l was not bothered about it.

It could have been the bottle of gin Simon brought back from Holland or it could have been the line of coke Derek gave me for looking after his cat several minutes ago, but l could not stop myself looking at that handsome man.

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