Shaking up her Chakras – Tantric techniques to turn her on

The methods below were recommended by experts in tantric sex, accupressure, and Oriental body work. To do the techniques properly, you need to know a few things. First, all the types of touch described below should be slow, soft, and gentle. Change the way you touch her every 30-60 seconds. Alternating sensations – from touching to kissing, lighter or harder touches – builds the sexual charge.

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Another tip: Look for areas which feel cool to the touch. When you softly stroke the spot until it warms up, you release energy that enhances her arousal. Eastern medical traditions define arousal as an increased energetic state with corresponding physical changes. By stimulating

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Selecting the Ideal Girlfriend

Well it’s been almost 20 years since Consumer’s Reports reviewed girlfriends (CR, Aug 1972). Since then, styles have changed, new features have been introduced, and the market for girlfriends has changed substantially. So we here at Lovers&Thinkers decided another report was needed.

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As in a car or a computer, you should ask yourself what you need a girlfriend for before obtaining one. This will, in large part, dictate the final product which you should consider. Do you want an intellectual companion? A baby factory? A hiking partner? Or just lots of good, old-fashioned

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Dalai Lama’s tips for living a better life

Some simple tips for living a more harmonious life from the Dalai Lama.

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1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

3. Follow the three Rs: Respect for self, Respect for others and Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful

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Worrying is a waste of time

how to turn on women

I am worried. I have been biting my nails for weeks and now there is not much left (skin doesn’t taste very good) on my hands and feet to chew on. I have been bent over the sink retching, I am constantly nauseated with pounding headaches beating out a death march in my skull and yet, life goes on.


Kimo’s Hawaiian Rules

Life is simple if you live it by some simple rules.

• Never judge a day by the weather • The best things in life aren’t things • Tell the truth – there’s less to remember • Speak softly and wear a loud shirt • Goals are deceptive – the unaimed arrow never misses • He who

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