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rules of attraction

Keeping your man happy is important, sex is a fundamental part of any relationship. Without it your man may be tempted to stray and come on ladies, you know you want it too. Here are some tips to drive your man wild...

1. Surprise him

Do something out of the ordinary. Have a candle lit house awaiting him and then lead him into a bubble bath and drink wine. Take him out into the wild and have a personal camp out by the fire. Slip into the shower with him in the morning and wash his private parts for him. Do something to catch him off-guard and remind him of how hot you are and how much he wants you.

2. Serve dinner, on your body!

Make some dinner and then serve it off your body. Be like Samantha in Sex and the City and do the sushi thing, or serve soup out of your belly button. Of course, there are always body shots, but be creative. Kissing and licking your body will make him want to more, lots more!

3. Wake him up in the middle of the night.

What better what to give your man good dreams than by waking him up in the middle of the night and making his dreams a reality. That's right, sneak under the covers and blow him. He's sure to wake up happy with you on his package. once he's awake, move on and get in riding position. Show him how to have a really good night and get wild!

4. Send him photos of your body parts.

Want to make him want you all day long? Take nude photos of different parts of your body; your eyes, lips, belly button, butt and of course, boobs and buns! Send him one photo every hour to get him aroused. Start with the least sexual parts then increasingly more sexual towards the end of the day. That way he'll be so aroused when he gets home that he'll want to see the parts in person for himself. For an added twist, send him a message that says there's one more photo. Tape the last photo to your body over the actual part and make him find it for himself.

5. Keep the clothes on.

Have sex with your clothes on. There's something incredibly sexy about doing it fully clothed. Wear a dress or skirt for easy access and get it on in public even. It's fun to be naughty. Add some spice to your daily routine by keeping the clothes on the entire time

6. Clean the house (as a French Maid)

Get dressed up to do the chores. It's Sunday morning (before the game), you've got some vacuuming and dishes to do. Why not make him want to help you by dressing up like a sexy French maid? He'll help you wash those dishes then help you out of those clothes, talk about starting the day off right!

7. Play a sexy grown-up game.

Sure Scrabble and Uno are fun, but that's something the whole family can play. When it comes to grown-up time, you can still play games, but different games. Deal a couple hands of strip poker and make him work for those layers of clothing to come off. you can have some fun playing games and bonding then get into bed and continue a whole new game.

8. Tease him all night long.

Tease him. Only teasing. Show some skin, take off some clothing, blow kisses in his ear, lick his neck, drive him wild! Teasing turns men on and makes them want more. The more you tease the more he'll want you. Then give him the go ahead when you're ready to end his torture and let him (and you) have some fun.

9. Enforce the "no touch" rule.

Choose one night a week where a "no touch" rule is enforced. On this day he isn't allowed to touch you but you're allowed to touch him whenever of wherever you want. Stroke him, tease him, strip him do as you please. Make him want you so badly he feels like jumping out of his skin. Then make love to him, but remember, only you get to touch. Take control and allow him to sit back and enjoy the ride.

10. Send a book with him to work.

Slip a sex positions book into his briefcase before he heads out to work. When he gets there, he'll see the book and be so intrigued he'll be sure to glance through it. Call him and tell him to do some studying and choose some lessons for the night. When he gets home, show him how to do these positions and have yourselves a good old time!